Which Exposure Finder Should I Use?

The resin exposure finder, also known as the resin calibration tester, is a test print file that allows you to quickly find the best exposure settings for your resin. In this article, we will share three resin calibration finders with you.

Phrozen XP Finder

Slightly thicker than the Resin XP2 Validation Matrix by Photonsters, the 3 mm thick Phrozen XP Finder is an easy-to-use exposure finder that only takes 20 minutes (using a Mono-LCD screen) to produce results. Learn to tell the difference between underexposed and overexposed prints by observing the text, pillars, boards, and lines present on the Phrozen XP Finder. Get in range quickly!

Click here to download the file.

Resin XP2 Validation Matrix by Photonsters

The 1.4 mm thick XP2 Validation Matrix prints super-fast and takes roughly 10 minutes (using a Mono-LCD screen) to produce results. The 3D print will indicate whether or not the resin print is a little overexposed, but it will also help you get in range quickly. When using a slicer software to set up the XP2 validation test print, please set the layer count at 4 and the transition layer count to 0.

Click here to download the file.

Photocentric XY full Test

The 66x119mm XY full test print covers almost your entire LCD screen. It works both as a resin exposure finder and an LCD/LED test. 

Click here to download the file. 

Ameralabs Town Print

The Ameralabs Town print is one of the most accurate resin exposure finders out there. However, as it may take a while to produce this print, we recommend using the XP2 validation test to get in range and then using the Ameralabs Town print to dial in the resin correctly.

Click here to download the file.

1. You may need to perform the test print several times. Click here to learn how to read the results.

2. We have tested all our resins and have shared the settings on our resin profile page. You can also test out different values and adjust them according to your needs. 

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