Maintenance Before Printing

Set a maintenance routine for your resin 3D printer so that it remains in good condition and produces great results. In this article, we will provide an overview of maintenance required before each printing session in order to keep your 3D printer in tip-top shape.

Cleaning the Exterior

Check to see if any resin is present on the exterior and interior parts of the 3D printer. Use a small amount of 95% sanitizing alcohol to clean up the resin, if necessary. 

Cleaning the LCD

Use a rubber air blower to remove dust and lint. Then apply a small amount of 95% alcohol on the LCD and wipe in one direction. This is to prevent the printer's LCD from becoming damaged. 

Cleaning the Resin Vat

Apply a small amount of 95% alcohol on the vat and the FEP film. Wipe in one direction to clean.

Make sure to clean the underside of the FEP film as well.

If the vat is filled with resin, use the yellow plastic scraper to mix the resin slightly. Check to see if there is any cured resin left in the vat. Please refer to this article for a tutorial on how to remove cured resin.

Cleaning the Building Plate

Check to see if any resin markings or cured particles remain on the building plate. Apply a small amount of 95% alcohol and use a clean paper towel or fiber cloth to clean the surface.

Learn how to maintain your device after each printing session here

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