Import License

What is an Import License?

An import license is a document issued by the government allowing individuals or businesses to clear goods with certain restrictions and make international payments for imported goods.

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide relevant import licenses and/or supporting documents to facilitate shipping restricted items to the country. Local customs may also apply duties upon receipt. 

1. Phrozen is not, and does not, represent on behalf of, or for, the government. Accordingly, customers should consult local permitting offices as these forms are subject to change.

2. Also, do note, shipping costs are non-refundable. The cost of the original shipping and return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

Do I Need an Import License For Phrozen Products?

For Resins

If you are located in Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, or Lithuania, please note that you must hold a chemical import license to import resins. 

Please note that China DOES NOT allow imports of resins.

For Curing Lamps

If you are located in Mexico, you will need an import license to import UV curing lamps as well.

How Do I Obtain an Import License?

If the local government states you need a license to export the product, you must apply for a license via local permitting officials. The procedures may vary. We recommend contacting your local customs authority to inquire about an import license.

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