How to clean up after a resin spill

Clean the LCD

  1. Turn off your 3D printer and unplug the printer. 
  2. Remove the plastic case and thoroughly clean up any excess resin present around the vat. 
  3. Then remove the resin vat and place a piece of soft kitchen paper towel beneath it, just in case the spill was caused by a puncture on the FEP film. 
  4. Use a soft kitchen paper towel or tissue to soak up excess resin present on the LCD. When performing this step, DO NOT scratch the LCD. 
  5. After cleaning up the resin, spray a small amount of 95% sanitizing alcohol on the LCD. Then use a soft kitchen paper towel or a fiber cloth and wipe continuously in one direction to thoroughly clean the surface of the LCD.
  6. Repeat step 5 until the resin 3D printer’s LCD is not sticky anymore.

If resin is still present on the LCD screen, follow the steps below to remove the cured resin.

Step 1: Dampen soft paper towels in 95% sanitizing alcohol, then cover the cured resin with soaked paper towels.


Step 2: Cover the soft paper towels with a plastic wrap between 12 to 24 hours based on the extent of the resin spill to prevent the alcohol from evaporating. As sanitizing alcohol will soften cured resin, make sure to spray it wherever there is a resin leakage.


Step 3: Carefully remove the softened resin
(DO NOT scrape with sharp metal objects. This is to prevent the LCD screen from becoming damaged).

Check Other Parts of the 3D Printer

  1. Make sure the Z-rod is intact.
  2. Check the interior parts of the resin 3D printer and clean it thoroughly with tissue or paper towels. *Important: DO NOT spray sanitizing alcohol.
After cleaning up your 3D printer, store the machine in a dark room for at least half a day. Then check to see if any resin drips out from the 3D printer.

Check the Status of Your 3D Printer

  1. Plug in the power adapter and turn on the resin 3D printer.
  2. Perform the Z-axis calibration test to check the status of the Z-Rod.
  3. Run a dry test print to check the status of the 3D printer’s LCD.
A dry test print is running a print without attaching the resin vat onto the 3D printer. This is typically used for checking the status of the resin 3D printer’s LCD.

Contact Phrozen Support Team

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