Firmware Download

For firmware updates, please note that the files may differ according to the device you’re using.
WARNING: Install the wrong firmware may result in system failure. Make sure you have downloaded the correct file and follow the correct installation procedure.


CHITUBOX Firmware Update Download

File Download

This firmware update section allows your 3D printer to exclusively read files sliced by CHITUBOX v1.9.0 (and above) as well as CHITUBOX Pro.

Device Name Update File Date File Size
Sonic Mini 8K 20220210_Mini-8K_V450-1.4-PH04-f3616-1.5ui.rar 2022-02-10 1.8 MB
Sonic Mega 8K 20211118_Mega-8K_V446-1.2-PH02-f3220-1.5ui.rar 2021-11-18 2.1 MB
Sonic Mighty 4K 20210930_Mighty-4K-EN_V444-f222.rar 2021-10-20 814 KB
Sonic Mini 4K 20210930_Mini-4K-EN_V444-f218.rar 2021-10-20 797 KB
Sonic Mini Sonic_Mini_Reflash_Firmware 2021-10-20 261 KB
Sonic 4K 20210930_Sonic-4K-EN_V444-P1-f219.rar 2021-10-20 897 KB

Update Procedure

Download the firmware file to your PC and unzip the .rar file.

  1. Save all files to a clean USB drive. (We recommend formatting the USB drive to FAT32)
  2. Turn off your resin 3D printer, then plug the USB drive into your printer.
  3. Turn on the printer.
  4. The firmware will update automatically.
  5. After three loud beeps, wait for a few seconds, before turning off the printer.
  6. Remove the USB drive.
  7. Firmware update is now complete.
Once you've successfully updated the firmware on your printer, please format the USB drive in case you've accidentally updated any other device.

Phrozen SD IMG File Download

File Download

Here's how you can download firmware for 3D printers using Phrozen OS operating systems.

If you aren’t able to download the files by clicking on the link below, then please right-click, and select Save As and to save the file onto your computer.
Device Name Update File Release Date File Size
Sonic XL 4K 2022 sonic_xl2022_v17.img.7z 2022-01-20 572MB
Sonic 4K 2022 sonic_4k2022_v17.img.7z 2022-01-20 559 MB
Transform Standard transform_200910.img.7z 2020-09-10 678 MB
Transform Dual 5.5” dual55.production.img.7z 2020-02-05 378 MB
Transform Fast transform_fast_292.img.7z 2020-09-30 549 MB
Transform Fast 8.9” tf_894kmono_296.img.7z 2020-10-20 378 MB
Sonic XL 4K sonicXL4K_v262.img.7z 2020-09-04 383 MB
Sonic sonic_1080p_v262.img.7z 2020-09-04 381 MB
Shuffle 4K shuffle4K_v262.img.7z 2020-08-20 380 MB
Shuffle Lite shuffle_lite_2019_v262.img.7z 2020-09-04 379 MB
Shuffle XL 2019 shuffle_xl_2019_v262.img.7z 2020-09-04 401 MB
Shuffle 2019 shuffle2019_v262.img.7z 2020-09-04 379 MB
Shuffle XL 2018 4K Kit XL2018_89MONO4K_v13.img.7z 2020-09-04 730 MB
Shuffle XL 2018 sxl.50hz.20210825re.rar 2020-09-04 1.7 GB
shuffle_xl_35hz.img.7z 2020-09-04 392 MB
Shuffle 2018 shuffle2018.img.7z 2020-09-04 1.5 GB
Make Mono 4K Kit make_mono4k.img.7z 2020-11-03 357 MB

Update Procedure

  1. Download one of the following SD card formatting software:
    1. SD Formatter:
    2. Win32:
  2. Format the SD card. (Tutorial video)
  3. Download the firmware file to your PC, then write in the file to the SD card.
  4. The firmware update is now complete.
For detailed steps on how to reflash the SD card or the update procedure, please check this post.

Contacting Phrozen Support Team

If you have encountered an issue updating the firmware, don't hesitate to contact the Phrozen support team via the technical issue form.

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