Choosing the Ideal Resin

Phrozen provides a wide range of sturdy and tough resins and can be used for a variety of purposes. Please refer to the graph below to decide which resin best suits your needs. 

  • Resins best for beginners; please click here.
  • Resins are best for dental professionals; please click here.
  • Resins are best for jewelry makers; please click here.
Applications Recommended Resins Features
For Enthusiasts ❙ Aqua Blue / Green / Gray 4K
❙ ABS-like Matte Gray / Cream White
❙ Beige Flex
❙ SC-801 Clear
❙ Easy to paint after painting.
❙ Suitable for polishing and sanding.
For Dental Use ❙ TR-250
❙ Beige Low-Irritation
❙ Aqua Gray 4K
❙ Wax-like Green
❙ Low shrinkage.
❙ Good resin fluidity.
❙ Higher printing success rate.
For Jewelry Design ❙ Wax-like Violet
❙ TR-250
❙ Good for casting.
❙ Suitable for most jewelry designers.
For Industrial Use ❙ Rock Black
❙ Aqua Green
❙ Nylon Tough
❙ High material hardness.
❙ High-temperature resistance.
❙ Prints precisely.
❙ Easy for drilling and tapping screws.


After purchasing a bottle of resin, please refer to our official resin profile and dial in the parameters for your resin 3D printer.

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