Calculating Shipping Cost

When placing an order, the shipping cost will be calculated according to the shipping address, weight, and volume of the package. To check if Phrozen ships to your location, please refer to this article. To find out the shipping charges for your order, please follow the instructions below:

Shipping Cost

After adding a product to the Cart on our official website, and continuing on to the Check Out page.

Step 1: Please fill in the shipping address in English and complete the contact information form.

Step 2: Choose the preferred shipping method. Phrozen currently only provides shipment services with FedEx.

Two shipping options may be available: The Phrozen Value Shipping and The FedEx International Priority. Phrozen Value Shipping is an economical shipping option that is applicable for packages under 20 KG. FedEx International Priority is an upgraded shipping method.

1. Please note that shipping options may be limited in some areas, which means that Phrozen Value Shipping may not be applicable.

2. Please note that every product has a different lead time. For more information about shipping time, please click here.

Step 3: The shipping cost will be shown on this page. This is calculated according to your chosen shipping method.

Please note that FedEx may adjust your preferred shipping method according to the international shipping rate. This means that the shipping cost may be different each time, even when placing the exact same order.

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