Calculating Import Taxes

PLEASE NOTE that the following website is not endorsed by Phrozen. Results are for reference only, while total costs will depend on regulations imposed by the authorities. For more information, we recommend you contact your local customs authority to inquire about import tax or tariffs.

You may refer to SimplyDuty to calculate the import tax for your order by keying in the HS code for specific products. This allows you to calculate a rough estimate of your import tax.

Please refer to the HS code below:

Items HS Code
3D Printer 844332
Acrylate Resin 3906102000
UV Post Curing Lamp 9405409000
Tank Body (Resin Vat) 7309000000
TFT LCD 85312999115
Build Plate 76169990005
LED Lamp Set 85395000003
FEP Film 39199090006


Step 1: Please refer to the image below and choose Chinese Taipei as the importing country. 

Step 2: Then, fill in the HS code. SimplyDuty will calculate the import tax per item. 

Step 3: Based on regulations by local customs, please select CIF for including shipping and insurance costs in the calculation. If unnecessary, please select FOB instead.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the info issue form for more information.

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